Tracy Bacon, Deb Atwell, iGHOST, and author Debbie Davis

April 17th, 2010

Deb Atwell picked up on a number of things in DRs operating room.  Leah Whitten learned to use a pendulum.  While in the front parlor, we heard footsteps running up and down the 2nd floor hallway.
While in Servant’s Quarters, Tracy and others saw blinking blue orbs in Jessie’s chamber.  Deb Atwell got totally spooked by a shadow person on front staircase (Maybe she shouldn’t have been talking so negatively about that painting at the top of the 1st floor stairs) :-).

We heard Rachael on 2nd floor from Parlor, said 2-3 different things, but we couldn’t make out what was said. We also got some spooky readings in DRs room. Around that same time, Debbie Davis got ‘pins and needles’ on right arm, which was side in DRs bathroom. 

 Tracy also commented he was being messed with this morning upstairs on 2nd and 3rd floors, by an unseen presence. sort  of like playing ‘tag, you’re it’.

Debra Dortch Atwell Debra Dortch Atwell

Thank-you van for your hospitality, what a sweet hilarious guy u are to hang out with. still exhauted from the all nighter and the drive home, still scared sh****** of that painting, debbie is the sweetest soul, such nice people to share one of my biggest frights with, thanks Tracy and Michelle.

HHPI and Debbie Davis

April 17th, 2010

HHPI was getting some good results with a franks box. Unfortunately, Jill doesn’t like their comments and is now arguing with them. 😛

Sadly, this was about it. A number of little noises, nothing significant, though. But… For the first time I can recall, everyone slept great wherever they lay – even those that crashed on the parlor couches. the next morning (2010-04-18), Deb Davis smelled the Doctor while getting ready for a shower. “strong medicinal smell… Almost like chloroform”.

I was very tired. fell asleep in Drs room about 1am. woke up at 3:22am, then went to sleep in the attic. (Yeah, yeah… I know, I said I would never sleep up there again. But… I got it beat… I just set my alarm to 7:30am, and get my ass out of there before the nightmares started. 😛

Amanda and Troy hear Rachael

April 15th, 2010

Amanda Roberts told me she and her husband heard Rachael last night. She said… “…she was humming or singing. We both heard it and i took off running downstairs! It was just amazing and totally freaky!! So glad i finally got to hear it!!” Thanks, Amanda!

Amanda Farley Roberts Amanda Farley Roberts

It was so crazy! I still can’t believe we heard her and I’m mad at myself for running!! It really caught me off guard and we just stood and stared at each other in disbelief and then I was gone. I am suprised I didn’t fall down the stairs!lol

I don’t think it’s something you could ever get used to that’s for sure! It makes you want to keep going back though to experience more.

I have been there several times wanting this very thing to happen and I have ran through the house freaked before! I was totally relaxed this time and not even really thinking about the craziness that goes on there so I think thats why it really scared me so bad. I was pouring sweat and shaking like crazy! My feet could not move fast enough. The bad part was I had to go back up after!!lol

Harley Sighted!

April 11th, 2010

ALERT: Harley sighting! Mullet getting bigger, same scooter, but now with 300% more awesome!  LOL… Pretty amazing this happened as he rode by; he stroked his mullet, adding an extra 43% awesomeness. 😛

Troy’s challenge: “Nut-up or shut-up, Doctor John…”

April 10th, 2010

Troy Moores  Troy Moores Well it was, a quiet evening, but for a first time experience, alone in a room [Attic Loft], and having an EMF suddenly spike, was a bit of a shocker, i realized it was not like you see on tv.. lol

As far as challanging Dr. John [Doctor’s Examination Room], i was certain i was about to see something i wasn’t quite ready for. i was certain, what sounded like footsteps, were coming right towards me from another room [Dining Room], and AGAIN i was standing ALONE, in an adjascent room, from the “professionals”. lol… luckily they heard it too.. Great Time.. Something Like Skydiving.. Great Respect was Learned and WILL NEVER be forgotten.. VERY COOL place to go…

Troy’s 1st ghost-hunting experiences… :)

April 10th, 2010

Sandy her hair tugged in attic (seance room), and Troy turned out to not be as brave as he claimed… Talking smack, but he backed down after  we heard some footsteps in the dining room coming towards the room he was in [Doctor’s examination room]. Nice Guy, but funny situation after he challenged Dr John to make an appearance. Relatively (and unusually) a quiet evening.  They also had a strong, but brief, K2 hit in attic loft room.

Sharri Staggs Sharri Staggs

Hey Van!!! Thanks again for the great weekend at Whispers!!!! We will try to come back. Very beautiful home and lots of cool things that happen there


March 27th, 2010

A bat got into the attic (we had to issue warnings to the attending group; bats are flying rodents. Rodents can carry rabies. Don’t try to catch it. kill it, then toss it outside, so it can be free) :)/

The group got a good EVP, on 3rd floor, of a woman singing. Reports indiciate it was clear and easily noticable.

 Jc Rositas Jc Rositas

We’ve “re-listened” to that audio and cleaned it up on our audio program. We’ve ruled it as an EVP of a woman singing, “I’m gonna clean her dress.” As soon as I figure out how to post it on FB I’ll let everyone know. And, to answer the orb question….sorry, but our group does not support pics of orbs or orb-like projections. So, we have nothing to present on that.

GLGRI had a chance to clean up and thoroughly review the EVP caught on the third floor during our March 27 visit. I’m not very talented – thus I cannot post the EVP on FB. If you would like to hear it, please email me directly. My email address is on my profile page. Sorry I can’t do it better than this!

Guests now required to sign release waiver…

March 10th, 2010

Sorry folks, due to recent activity and events, all visitors must now sign liability waivers which can be downloaded via the reservations link at

…It’s a release and liability waiver, and clearly states that at the top. Whispers Estate will not be held responsible for person A taking a photo of person B, person A posting it online or in a book, and Whispers Estate gets sued for that photo being used without person B’s permission. Due courtesy, though, for asking to use a specific photo notwithstanding, of course.

Smmary of activity for this weekend…

March 7th, 2010

Ok, I had a fabulous weekend at WhispersEstate Haunted House. Loads of activity on Friday night, and got the DRs bathroom working again. It’s starting to get dark, so I’ve gotta be heading out now. (yep, I don’t like being here at night…. all alone…. with the ghosties in this spooky old house)

Ryan Smith wanted to have a couple photos…

March 6th, 2010